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Milwaukee Regional Update

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Southeastern  Wisconsin  demands  high  quality  transportation  systems  to  provide  for  the safe,  dependable,  and  efficient  movement  of  people  and  products.    Over  twenty  years

ago,  the  Southeastern  Wisconsin  Regional  Planning  Commission  (SEWRPC)  and  the Wisconsin  Department  of  Transportation  (WisDOT)  identified  the  need  to  improve  and expand  the  region’s  freeway  traffic  management  capabilities.    Freeway  traffic  incident management was recommended as a critical activity to improve these capabilities.  Since that  time,  a  number  of  regional  activities  with  incident  management  components  have been initiated.

In  August  of  1995,  the  Traffic  Incident  Management  Enhancement  (TIME)  Program [formerly  the  Southeastern  Wisconsin  Incident  Management  (SWIM)  Program]  was initiated  by  WisDOT  to  coordinate  existing  freeway  incident  management  activities,  and to develop a permanent, on-going program of incident management enhancements for the region.

Many    technological    resources    to    enhance    incident    management    are    Intelligent Transportation  Systems  (ITS).    ITS  draws  upon  advanced  technologies  and  computer systems  to  improve  and/or  increase  the  capacity,  safety,  and  efficiency  of  existing transportation  systems.    While  ITS  provides  the  technology  for  enhanced  incident management, institutional relationships and efforts are also critical.

Data is being collected and tracked by Bureau of Traffic Operations, in cooperation with the Traffic Incident Management Enhancement Program, leads a full, robust performance measurement program.  Measures include ITS hardware reliability, response times for Emergency Transportation Operations, Freeway Service Team responses, Control Room calls, 511 data, and others metrics.

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