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Raleigh-Durham Regional Update

Uploaded By: Terry Conner Reference Number: AA-00453 Views: 1271 Created: 2016-12-28 19:53 Last Updated: 2016-12-28 19:53 0 Rating/ Voters

Among challenges identified or discussed in FHWA workshops were the TIM Program involvement will only grow with active participation in the HSP process. The 2014 North Carolina HSP has multiple opportunities for incorporation of TIM-related information provided in public education forums. Liaison with highway safety planners will bear long-term dividends in growth of awareness of the DCHC regional TIM Program goals.   Additionally,  the need to designate a lead DCHC MPO TIM Coordinator to enhance the congestion mitigation efforts of the MPO. Encourage other State MPO’s in their efforts to further TIM in the state of North Carolina, ultimately culminating in a “Statewide TIM Committee” that would drive TIM efforts on a statewide basis. Begin with the end in mind. Populate CC membership with those who can influence higher level A small task force (3 to 7 members) should be created to examine the issues identified as important to each municipality and in ecognition of differences in laws, regulations, policies. A champion from each municipality should be identif ied, those with passion for improvement in the three National Unified Goal for Traffic Incident Management objectives: responder safety, quick clearance, and prompt and A small task force (3 to 7 members) should examine existing performance measurement, and determine which measured activities are effectively used assess and improve operations, including: incident awareness, verification, dispatch of resources, scene activities, and recovery for traffic. Select changes in measurements or new measurementspolicy and legislation needed to support TIM. Including regional planning organizations. Equip leaders with information on successes and opportunities identified in the field and through local teams, so that local efforts are the first priority for direction and program financial support. Meet regularly as the CC forms and establishes guidance. Meetings should be opportunities for each member to share ideas for improvement. Strongly consider a local legislative staff member on the CC from MPO Jurisdictions.

Agency/Organization (or Publication/Conference):FHWA and Regional Partners
State:North Carolina
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