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Pittsburgh Regional Update

Uploaded By: Terry Conner Reference Number: AA-00434 Views: 858 Created: 2016-12-28 18:43 Last Updated: 2016-12-28 18:43 0 Rating/ Voters

Status of Pittsburgh Metro Area TIM Program. The Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission (SPC), the region’s MPO, facilitates the regional TIM program ( Since August 2011, a Regional TIM Steering Committee and three local TIM Teams have been formed in southwestern PA. Efforts are made to tailor the program and trainings to the needs of the various response partners, and strides have been made in terms of law enforcement involvement.  A service patrol exists in the Pittsburgh region, and the SHRP2 Train the Trainer program was implemented in the fall of 2013. Electronic After Action Reviews are conducted, and having media personnel in the TMC is very effective for disseminating information to the public.

Future Direction.

As the need arises, additional TIM Teams might be formed in the region. A TIM work plan guidebook is being prepared to help SPC staff plan the region’s annual TIM program and provide guidance on when and how to plan certain events. Several highlights will include an approach to forming new TIM Teams, guidance on a biennial TIM conference, training guidelines, the creation of the emergency responder of the year concept, and a TIM Year In Review electronic publication. The region’s TIM needs will continue to be connected to the region’s overall mobility needs, and it will benefit from efforts being made to advance TIM at the statewide level, such as performance measure advances. The TIM program partners will continue to explore innovative concepts, such as the use of Incident Response Trailers, and efforts will continue to be made to continue to engage towing personnel.

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