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Lesson Learned: West Virginia Finds, Targets Additional TIM Funding

Uploaded By: Erin Arva Reference Number: AA-00403 Views: 4178 Created: 2015-05-07 15:56 Last Updated: 2015-05-07 15:56 0 Rating/ Voters

West Virginia has the 6th largest road system in the nation, with 93% of all state roadways as part of the state system. In 2013, 75% of the 332 traffic-related fatalities were roadway departure crashes (the national average is 57%), and nearly 85% of those were off the interstate system, more than 70% of fatalities in rural locations. Redirected traffic often has to bear significant delays, if appropriate detour routes are even available to all traffic.

These two pieces of information made the need clear for improved incident management to increase mobility and improve driver and responder safety. This Lesson Learned outlines the state’s creative approach to garnering needed funds to address this issue.

Agency/Organization (or Publication/Conference):West Virginia Department of Highways
State:West Virginia
National Unifying Goal (NUG) Strategies:TIM Partnerships & Programs, Multidisciplinary NIMS & TIM Training, TIM Technology
Industry Topics:Funding, On Scene Management\Quick Clearance, Traffic Management, Training
Resource Type:Lessons Learned
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