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California Traffic Management Team Program

Uploaded By: Bryan Smith Reference Number: AA-00324 Views: 1943 Created: 2015-02-20 22:37 Last Updated: 2015-04-14 19:26 0 Rating/ Voters

These Traffic Management Teams (TMTs) are responsible for the establishment of positive control measures and the orderly flow of traffic impacted by unusual or unexpected traffic conditions caused by an incident or event. TMTs coordinate closely with Transportation Management Centers, the California Highway Patrol, and Caltrans Maintenance. Trained traffic management personnel assess and monitor the situation and implement traffic management strategies in an effort to prevent secondary accidents and reduce delay. Through the use of changeable message signs, highway advisory radios, and other traffic information services, TMTs furnish real-time traffic information to motorists approaching the scene of an incident or event. TMTs also provide queue management, traffic advisory, and detour signing for both Caltrans Maintenance- and Construction-initiated planned lane closures.

Available resources include a TMT Policy Statement, an incident report form, and several duty statements.

Agency/Organization (or Publication/Conference):Caltrans
Year:2007 or previous

National Unifying Goal (NUG) Strategies:Effective TIM Policies, Multidisciplinary Communication Practices & Procedures, Traveler Information Systems
Industry Topics:Planned Special Events, Traffic Management
Resource Type:Guidance & Policy
Policy_Memo_TMT_1994.pdf 31.1 Kb Download File
TMT_Lead_Duty_Statement.pdf 51.1 Kb Download File
TMT_Member_Duty_Statement.pdf 51.1 Kb Download File
TMT_Report.pdf 29.6 Kb Download File
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