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California Highway Patrol's Abandoned Vehicle Abatement Program

Uploaded By: Bryan Smith Reference Number: AA-00311 Views: 2845 Created: 2015-01-30 19:03 Last Updated: 2015-04-14 18:55 0 Rating/ Voters

The California Highway Patrol's (CHP) Abandoned Vehicle Abatement (AVA) Program was designed to provide guidance to counties who wish to develop and administer AVA Authorities. The AVA Program is recognized as a means to remove abandoned vehicles that create a public nuisance and a health or safety hazard. As of January 2014, there were thirty-nine counties in the State of California participating in the AVA Program. Additional counties continue to request sample plans to develop local plans in conformance with the AVA guidelines.

Agency/Organization (or Publication/Conference):California Highway Patrol

National Unifying Goal (NUG) Strategies:TIM Partnerships & Programs, Effective TIM Policies, Response & Clearance Time Goals, Multidisciplinary Communication Practices & Procedures
Industry Topics:On Scene Management\Quick Clearance, Towing & Recovery, Traffic Management
Resource Type:Guidance & Policy
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