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AIM High Memorandum of Regional Cooperation

Uploaded By: Bill Benson Reference Number: AA-00304 Views: 4913 Created: 2015-01-30 16:46 Last Updated: 2015-04-15 10:10 0 Rating/ Voters

The Austin, TX, region experiences high traffic volumes throughout its regional network. Blockage of roadway lanes due to traffic accidents, disabled vehicles, or other incidents frequently result in substantial and detrimental impact on the movement of traffic, not only in the immediate vicinity of the blockage, but also over a considerable portion of the highway system and adjacent local streets. Furthermore, the blockage of roadway lanes has a substantial and detrimental impact on the safety of both incident response personnel and motorists. State and local jurisdictions and private industry have established and desire to maintain a high level of inter-agency communication and regional cooperation through the Austin-area Incident Management for Highways (AIMHigh) forum. This Memorandum of Regional Cooperation is to indicate the City of Austin support and participation in the following: Maintain and promote a safe, quick incident clearance philosophy whenever a highway or lane is partially closed or blocked by a crash or incidentMaintain and promote participation of regional public safety and transportation agency and private industry personnel in bi-monthly AIMHigh meetings. Pursue implementation opportunities for priority traffic incident management tools and strategies identified in the AIMHigh Traffic Incident Management Strategic Plan.

Agency/Organization (or Publication/Conference):Austin City Council

National Unifying Goal (NUG) Strategies:TIM Partnerships & Programs, Effective TIM Policies, Awareness & Educational Partnerships, Multidisciplinary TIM Procedures
Industry Topics:On Scene Management\Quick Clearance, Traffic Management
Resource Type:Agreements
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