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Using the KMS

Uploaded By: Matt Allen Reference Number: AA-00263 Views: 5538 Created: 2015-01-09 17:50 Last Updated: 2015-04-30 17:27 0 Rating/ Voters

The KMS was created with two primary purposes in mind:


  1. Use - To search/view/download resources.
  2. Share - To submit resources for inclusion in the KMS for others to utilize and learn from.

As is noted on the FAQ page, there are various ways to search the KMS, view its contents, and download resources. Using the KMS for this purpose does NOT require registration and is open to anyone.

However, registered users are able to ask questions, comment on articles and rate them, and save their viewing preferences.

Contributors have the same options as registered users do, however contributors can also submit resources for inclusion in the KMS. (Check out the FAQ page to learn more about being a registered user and/or contributor.)

The following provides simple step-by-step instructions for contributors to use to submit resources (referred to as “Articles” in the KMS).


  1. Once your contributor status has been approved by the KMS administrators, you will see an “Add” button at the top right of the screen. Hovering over this button with your cursor will display the “Article” option. Click this to open the “New Article” window.
  2. Complete the “Title” box with your article title. Then select the “Category” dropdown and check the “Incoming Articles” box.
  3. Provide a 100-200 word abstract/description of the resource. If the resource you are submitting is an article or conference presentation, include the author(s) and their respective agencies in the abstract. If the resource has a reference number, include this as well.
  4. Click on the “Custom Fields” tab and fill out these fields, as applicable, for your article: Agency/Organization (or Publication/Conference), State, Year, and Website.
    - If you are submitting an article or conference presentation, then provide the Publication or Conference name instead of an Agency/Organization.
    - The website link could be a direct link to the resource, or a related link, such as a link to the respective state’s TIM program website.
    - Do not upload an article or conference presentation. Rather, provide a link only.
  5. To appropriately categorize each submitted resource, select at least one option from each of these three categories.
    - National Unified Goal (NUG) Strategies
    - Industry Topics
    - Resource Type (this is non-ICS related)
  6. Click on the “Attachments” tab and select the “Add New” button. This will open a file upload dialog. If you have a resource to upload, use one of the three methods of adding your file (PDF only) and click the “upload” button. Repeat this step until all of the related documents have been uploaded. When finished, click the “Save and Close” button. If a resource is submitted in a format other than a PDF, FHWA will convert the submission to PDF prior to approval.

Note: The KMS administrators will review your submission and, if approved, upload it to the KMS. (During the review process, your submission will not be visible or available for editing.)

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